Date: June 4, 2017


At some point in their lives, many people will have an urge to roam around the world. This could either be a two week holiday to somewhere warm and sunny or to a life changing year long trip. There are different reasons why people travel but often times it is caused by something, which could be about an event or an unexpected change of feeling giving you the desire to hunt for an adventure.

Here are the top reasons why people travel:


Sometimes, some family members relocate to a different country. It can be simply in a country next to yours or on the other side of the globe. Wherever they are you will surely want to give them a visit at one point in time. It is always a great feeling not just to visit your family and catch up but you get to also experience and see how they live and get up close and personal with the new culture they’re adopting into.


One of the best times in anyone’s life is a world trip. You can make memories that can last a life time and what better way to experience and enjoy these unforgettable memories than with close friends. Planning and scheduling a trip or holiday with friends is a great way to say goodbye before parting ways for college or university or simply to just do something you and your friends will always remember.


No matter where you are in the world, you will at some point, get tired in a too hot or too cold environment. Many people go on travels simply to escape the weather they are experiencing on a day to day basis. People who live in colder environments tend to go to tropical countries while people who live in a very warm country try to visit countries with activities like skiing which they could not experience in their own country.


There are people who simply want to escape their dull life and look for adventures. They crave for the unexpected and want to deepen their understanding in other cultures.


Wanderlust means to walk and have a very strong or irresistible desire. This means that the reason you travel is because you have that urge in you. You simply want to travel and not have any particular reason why you booked a flight.

Whatever the reason that made you decide to travel, there is no doubt that you will have the most amazing time of your life.


A solo traveller is aware that every journey involves a world of emotions, from excitement and freedom to fear and solitude. Going out in the world without company allows us to deeply connect to the kind of traveller we want to be, on our own footings and timeline.

Travelling solo may not be for everyone, but according to professionals, every passionate traveller should try it once. The only way to know is to give it a go. Here are some tips to follow to be a successful solo traveller.


Enjoy in setting up your own itinerary and pace. You can take as long as you need to get the perfect shot in perfect light, wander purposelessly, and savour experiences without the need to rush or get distracted.


Enhance every opportunity to learn new things. Without any distractions around, your senses will kick into overdrive, providing you to be keener and connect deeply with a destination and culture. This is also a chance for personal growth, without the expectations of others; you can be open to a greater self-discovery.


Solo and alone are two different things. Look for a hotel created to bring together of all ages and culture which includes common areas for cooking and relaxing and free to budget-friendly activities. Remember, hostels breed friendship. Aside from this, independent bookstores and coffee shops is also a good place for new connections. It is advisable to search for Facebook groups and Instagrammers in the area as well.


Being a solo within a group can provide the best of both worlds. There are numerous tour companies such as Provcatours Travel and Leisure, Interpid Travel and insight Guides helps pave the way to solo-friendly tours and removing single fees.


According to statistics, solo travellers are planning international travel to far-flung places like the Bahamas, Australia, Canada, Austria and Japan topping this year’s list. If you’re a first-timer, try to pick a destination that is especially friendly to singles and solos such as Dublin and Iceland. It is also a good idea to search travel forums to get information about solo experiences in a particular place and make sure to always consult experienced travellers.


Whatever your destination is, be aware of your surroundings. Be cautious when meeting new people but don’t go overboard as well. One of the biggest rewards of travelling is having a connection with locals and fellow travellers. Keep in mind to never sacrifice your safety just so you can save on budget. Never book out of the way lodging, especially if keeping late hours and learn a few key phrases and words in the local language. Be careful about telling people you are travelling alone and most importantly, trust yourself.


You may have exchanged vows to be there through sickness and in health and for richer or for poorer, but there are certain things these vows did not cover. The feeling of boredom, out of touch and worst of all the feeling of platonic friendship instead of being in love are just some of those things. However, there are numerous things that you can do with your spouse to ensure that the spark in your relationship remains the same.


Inside jokes that only the two of you appreciates and understands is one of the healthiest ways to bond. According to a research, couples who reminisce about the good old times that they had experienced both alone and as a couple; and those who are into recalling shared laughter were the most content in their relationships. Laughing together means you are validating each other’s opinions, and inside jokes that other people around you don’t get tends to strengthen the ties between you and your spouse.


Asking your spouse how his or her day was may sound a cliché. But if this nightly routine has long been forgotten by the two of you after being married for a long time, bringing it back should be taken into consideration. Sharing little details of how your day went each night can help in improving your relationship. Couples who take the time to talk about positive things that happened to them with each other are happier the following day. There will be an increase in your connection and intimate feeling with each other.


There’s no need to freak out and rush to a marriage counsellor when the two of you are arguing more than what you’d like. According to a study that feeling of irritation with your spouse is a sight that you’re not drifting apart but instead it is a sign that you’re engaged in a healthy manner. It also means that you’ve grown comfortable with expressing yourself over time. It is a fact that positive and close relationships tend to be quite irritating. However, if you and your significant other are starting to call each other out with names of the yelling’s getting common then it may be a sign that there is a problem you need to address right away.


If you find yourself smiling when your spouse comes home and shares good news from work like a pat on the back from his boss, then that is a good thing. How you feel about the good news is actually more important than how you will react during a crisis. Keep in mind that couples with the most satisfying relationships are those who shares their excitement over each other’s successes. To boost your spouse’s ego, having a celebration is the opportunity for it and this is also a way to strengthen your status as a team.

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