If you are among those who people who need to live in a small home to be near work or school, there are many solutions that are now available to make a small bathroom more appear more spacious. Do not let the small-sized bathroom give you a bad morning; check out multitudes of space solutions that can make a difference. Here are some suggestions to spice up and create the illusion of space in your bathroom:

  • Create the impression of space by avoiding the cloistered feeling.

Raising the ceiling and adding a skylight will do the trick. Enhance the space with surrounding mirrors; adding lights can make the mirrors reflect light, making the space appear larger than its actual size. Pluck out some of these tiles and replace these with modern glass tiles that uplift the Spartan look to chic and sensational.

  • Do not crowd the bathroom with massive furniture and clutters.

Cabinet doors usually create a heavy visual impact that weighs down the bathroom and the lightness you want to make. Instead, use open cabinetry with small drawers on the side to hold toiletries and cosmetics. Placing baskets under these shelves can supply ample and convenient space for storage.

  • Take advantage of the wall to save floor space.

Build your floating vanity and narrow floating shelves also make wonderful additions that do not take up additional floor space. These modernize the bathroom with minimal cost and big impacts on space. Use the spaces on the shelves minimally to prevent the cluttered look. Baskets for bathroom stuff can be placed under the lowest shelf. Miniature mirrors can be used if there is enough soft light and if trying to create a spa-like ambiance. Stowaway storage can also be carved out a recessed shelf between studs in the walls. These are unused space that can be transformed into additional storage space.

  • Save valuable space by doing away with a counter and using a pedestal type sink instead.

Connecting it to a narrower ledge much like the floating shelves or vanity mentioned in the previous item. Do not clutter this ledge. Spare it for some bright additions to keep the space vibrant.

  • Go for a stand-up shower than a bathtub to conserve space.

If you’re after a bathtub for the relaxing effect it offers, opt for a shower panel that has massage jets instead. This page is worth checking out if you want a detailed review of some of the best shower panels out on the market today. Create open space and visual length by trading shower curtains with clear-glass doors and walls. Making the flooring uniformly tiled can amplify the effect of space.

  • Work on the colors

Give the bathroom a sense of depth by using just one kind or color of tiles to generate the illusion and some breaks with some tiles in contrasting colors. Creating the depth is best achieved with the uniformity of colors and an accent color.

So, if you are looking at more years of staying in your tiny condo or apartment, make the best out of it with a savvy small bathroom design. Sure thing it won’t grow any bigger, but it can definitely look more and feel to your taste. A little mirror, light color, and decor addition can make so much difference. Do not be afraid to experiment; try these easy bathroom enhancement touch-ups.