A lift chair is a very important investment for most elderly people. It is a fixture in their homes that allow them to be comfortable and safe at the same time. Some lift chairs even have health benefits that are truly advantageous for the users. To be able to get the most from the lift chair, proper care and maintenance are required. Here are some tips to keep your lift chair in top condition.


Tip 1: Always read the manual carefully and thoroughly.


The manual gives instructions that are important to follow when operating the chair. Also, it contains proper handling and precautions. In order to not damage the chair immediately, understanding the manual is important.


Tip 2: Avoid putting the chair in places where water can easily enter the motor system.


The chair is controlled electronically and there are wires and other electronic components inside and under the chair that can get damaged or even rusty when exposed to water. A wet wiring can also cause an electric shock that could then lead to injury or major accidents.


Tip 3: Inspect wirings, batteries (if any), controller, and other mechanisms regularly to ensure safety and durability of the chair.


Even if you are being extra careful in the use of the lift chair, it is still required to check the electronics for damages, fraying, or corrosion.


Tip 4: Do not attempt to fix electrical damages yourself.


It would be best to call the manufacturer’s service provider to do the repair for you. The chair is composed of complicated connections that can easily be damaged when touched by inexperienced hands. There are also special tools that are used to check the motor and other mechanisms of the chair.


Tip 5: Clean the surfaces of the chair regularly.


Dirt, dust, and other particles can accumulate on the fabric after some time. These particles can damage the material when they are left for long periods of time. It is recommended to use mild fabric cleaners depending on the kind of fabric that is used. When cleaning, make sure to unplug the chair from the outlet and do not let water or other liquids drip down to the different electrical components.


Tip 6: Place the lift chair in a safe area.


Make sure that it is positioned far from the wall to allow the backrest of the chair to recline fully and the footrest to elevate without any obstructions. The cord should also run in an area where it would not cause tripping.


Tip 7: Do not leave the controls unattended when there are children or disoriented people around.


You can use the lock feature of the chair or the disconnect feature to avoid unwanted accidents. Some kids can be curious and would play around with the chair. This could destroy the controllers and some moving parts of the lift chair.


Tip 8: Know the maximum weight capacity of the chair.


The manual would tell you how heavy the chair can carry. If the weight is more than the maximum, the joints and some moving parts can be damaged. The motor might also have a hard time shifting the chair from one position to another.

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