Today, glass blowing is a trending hobby of people who are into arts and crafts. For those of you who are not really familiar with it, it is a process wherein glass that has been melted is made into a sculpture. Through this, you can create jars, drinking glasses, decorations, and the likes. In the past, this can only be done in a workshop but now, you can already have your own working area at home. That is because there is already a glass blowing kit for sale here that you can purchase.

In fact, a lot of people are already considering glassblowing as their hobby. Of course, you cannot blame them as the end product can serve as a unique and personalized gift for their friends, relatives, co-workers, and others. However, do remember that setting up a glassblowing workshop in your home should be done with careful attention detail since there are certain hazards related to it. Such include fire hazards and accidental burning of yourself. With that said, you must also make sure that you wear protective clothing.

The Right Attire to Wear

When it comes to personal protective equipment, you do not have to purchase those expensive lab coats that people wear in factories. You just have to take note of the following:

  • Footwear

Remember that in glassblowing, heat or fire would be used. Of course, your feet would not really participate in the process but you must protect it from any form of spills from the molten glass or any other accidents. Hence, you must wear shoes that are close-toed. This means that your feet should be entirely covered or protected.

In addition, you must choose a pair of shoes that is not made of materials that can easily get burnt by any form of heat. Plastic is one of the best examples for this. With that in mind, you should consider wearing sneakers or rubber shoes. Also, you wear socks so that your feet will have another layer of protection.

  • Top and Bottom

When doing glass blowing, you must wear long sleeves that do not have loose ends and pants that are not too loose as well. This will make sure that you protect your limbs without any risk of your clothes being burnt. Likewise, you must also choose those that are made of cotton or denim. It is also better to choose the ones that are not too thick since you would be exposed to heat.

The good thing about cotton is that it is also breathable, which means that air can circulate freely and moisture can be kept at bay. You must avoid clothing that is made of nylon and plastic since they are materials that are highly flammable.

  • Gloves

Definitely, you should not handle any object that is exposed to heat with your bare hands. Although you really won’t since the equipment will have handles and the likes, you still need to be 100% sure. With that in regard, you must purchase a pair of gloves that is resistant to heat or temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius and above.

With all those said, just remember that prevention is always better, and over thinking of what might potentially happen is acceptable at this point.