You may have exchanged vows to be there through sickness and in health and for richer or for poorer, but there are certain things these vows did not cover. The feeling of boredom, out of touch and worst of all the feeling of platonic friendship instead of being in love are just some of those things. However, there are numerous things that you can do with your spouse to ensure that the spark in your relationship remains the same.


Inside jokes that only the two of you appreciates and understands is one of the healthiest ways to bond. According to a research, couples who reminisce about the good old times that they had experienced both alone and as a couple; and those who are into recalling shared laughter were the most content in their relationships. Laughing together means you are validating each other’s opinions, and inside jokes that other people around you don’t get tends to strengthen the ties between you and your spouse.


Asking your spouse how his or her day was may sound a cliché. But if this nightly routine has long been forgotten by the two of you after being married for a long time, bringing it back should be taken into consideration. Sharing little details of how your day went each night can help in improving your relationship. Couples who take the time to talk about positive things that happened to them with each other are happier the following day. There will be an increase in your connection and intimate feeling with each other.


There’s no need to freak out and rush to a marriage counsellor when the two of you are arguing more than what you’d like. According to a study that feeling of irritation with your spouse is a sight that you’re not drifting apart but instead it is a sign that you’re engaged in a healthy manner. It also means that you’ve grown comfortable with expressing yourself over time. It is a fact that positive and close relationships tend to be quite irritating. However, if you and your significant other are starting to call each other out with names of the yelling’s getting common then it may be a sign that there is a problem you need to address right away.


If you find yourself smiling when your spouse comes home and shares good news from work like a pat on the back from his boss, then that is a good thing. How you feel about the good news is actually more important than how you will react during a crisis. Keep in mind that couples with the most satisfying relationships are those who shares their excitement over each other’s successes. To boost your spouse’s ego, having a celebration is the opportunity for it and this is also a way to strengthen your status as a team.