One of many fashion mistakes that most women do is buying jeans that sometimes can ruin their total outfit. Although jeans can be worn with almost everything, there can be times that women’s fashion goes overboard. If you do not want to experience having fashion disasters, you should read the following top mistakes when wearing denim jeans.


Mistake # 1: Buying denim jeans with the wrong size


Fitting issues are one of the most common clothing problems for both sexes. However, the most obvious mistake when wearing jeans is wearing the wrong size. Several women today choose to wear skinny jeans and some of them can be a little bit distracting. For instance, wearing wrong size, low waist, skinny jeans can be tough at most times were bending and sitting can be challenging. So, if you are about to buy jeans and torn between two sizes, choose something that is lighter, thinner, and can be stretched according to your natural curves whenever you try to wear them; not only it fits you perfectly, it can give you that comfortable feeling.


Mistake # 2: Wrong size and shapes of pockets and hemlines


Sizes of pockets and hemlines can be crucial to the entire features of denim jeans when you wear them. For instance, if you choose denim jeans with pockets and hemlines that do not fit to the curve of your rear, you may look either short or disturbingly uncomfortable with your jeans that can affect your entire outfit. So, the next time you choose denim jeans, make sure that the pockets sit roughly high and slightly tilts outwards so that your behind would look lifted and well-fitted.


Mistake #3: Inappropriate denim cuffs


Gone are the days when denim cuffs are popular. This time wearing them needs things to consider such as wearing them with the right outfit or else, your cuffed denim jeans can make your entire outfit to go wrong. If you are planning on cuffing your jeans, never pair them with shoes that have complicated straps and high heels with stitches and so much beading. Also, never wear sandals with long straps or knotting straps. Lastly, never re-cuff your denim jeans because it may look sloppy and distracting.


Mistake #4: Buying jeans that are unbelievably cheap


Buying solid priced jeans are far more trustworthy than buying cheap denim unless it comes with amazing discounts. Although there’s nothing wrong buying cheaper denim jeans some of these jeans are produced from fewer quality products. So, before buying one, check the brand, the thickness of the denim, and check if there are some factory defects.


Mistake #5: Pairing of upper garments with denim jeans


Denim jeans can be worn together with almost everything; however, with the right style. For instance, never pair your denim garments with denim jeans because your styles may either look boring or out of style. Styling up with denim can be challenging sometimes; so, to gain more confidence in wearing them with any dress, you can check for stylish advice and much more.