A low platelet count, or thrombocytopenia, can be really dangerous when the level becomes crucially low. But, it could also be caused by something really serious. Here are some of the top causes of thrombocytopenia.

Acute and Chronic ITP

ITP (Immune-mediated Thrombocytopenic Purpura) is a condition when the antibodies attack normal cells in the body. It could happen when the body is in the process of recovery from some bacterial or viral infection. Acute ITP occurs to children from 2-6 years of age and only lasts for about 2 weeks to 2 months. Chronic ITP, on the other hand, happens to adults who are below 40 years old. Although the case is a bit uncommon and mostly affects women, this could take months or even years before treated.


Different types of infections in the body could cause the platelet count to drop. It could be because of the decreased platelet production or the enhanced destruction of the platelets by certain viruses. Patients with HIV, CMV or mononucleosis are among some who experience thrombocytopenia.


Thrombocytopenia can also be caused by malignant diseases such as lymphoma and lymphocytic leukemia. These life-threatening illnesses attack the spleen and the bones where platelets are stored and produced. Aside from the diseases themselves, platelet count could even be lowered during treatment. Cancer treatments like chemotherapy would affect both the production and development of the platelets.


Radiotherapy and serious exposure to radiation can cause damage to the bone marrow. Because of the damages, not enough platelets would be produced.


It could take years before you would notice that the drugs you have been taking are negatively affecting your platelet count. Some drugs though would only take a short while before thrombocytopenia strikes. Medication that thins the blood or alters has an effect on the blood or production of cells can cause thrombocytopenia.


Alcohol suppresses the bone marrow and inhibits the production of blood cells in the body. Aside from this, alcohol also causes some liver diseases. Liver is one of the main organs that helps in the production and synthesis of proteins used for coagulation. Thus, a malfunction in the liver would cause degradation of platelets and other blood cells.


Heparin is used to treat thrombosis. Patients receiving such treatment would experience decrease in their low platelet count in just a week after the treatment has started.


This condition happens when the spleen is too active and would remove blood cells from the body too quickly. In this case, because of the immediate eradication of such cells, platelet count would dramatically decrease, reaching even lower than 30,000 platelets per microliter of blood.


Not a lot of women would develop thrombocytopenia when they are pregnant. However, those who do have to be checked for some infections and other diseases that could be causing the low platelet count. You can know more about platelet count at https://boostplateletcount.com/how-many-platelets-are-in-a-normal-drop-of-b .