Putting on makeup is usually a topic that has polarizing opinions. On one end, there are people who insist that using makeup is superficial in the context of human society. That it is something that has little substance in the grand scheme of things. And on the other end, there are people who adamantly defend that trying to look better than average is a big advantage. In an ideal society, sure, the first argument does sound practical. But no matter how frequently the anti-makeup group keeps repeating that beauty is mere “skin deep”, it’s hard to deny that society values skin deep in high regard, which brings us to one of the dilemmas that the modern woman, and man, encounter on a daily basis.


Putting on makeup in the context of the busy, modern world can sometimes be considered as a luxury due to not having enough time to squeeze into their early morning routine. Fortunately, there’s a way to make putting on makeup shorter and easier and this is by using an appropriate mirror for the job.

Vanity mirrors are distinct in such a way that its features are meant to provide convenience in putting on makeup. Regular mirrors are viable for sure but are in no way the best tool for it. There are numerous ways that a vanity mirror is distinct from regular mirrors. One of these properties is its surface. Regular mirrors have flat surfaces while vanity mirrors have slightly concave ones. This is deliberate in order to provide the person using it with a better view all around their face, which makes putting on makeup on the cheeks a lot easier. It also provides slight magnification. Also, with regards to magnification, vanity mirrors are usually sold double-sided with one side providing a more powerful magnification for detailing of makeup application.


Another obvious distinction of vanity mirrors is the fact that it has lights installed. One thing to keep in mind when buying a vanity table is to check the light source. If it’s still using incandescent light bulbs, look away and go to the next option in line. Incandescent lights are archaic and are in no way efficient. There’s no point in comparing it with fluorescent and LED lights at all. The latter two, however, can be compared rather closely, but with LED winning out slightly. The obvious winner, however, is LED because of how it uses power efficiently, and with brighter luminance for that matter. When in doubt, ask the seller what the light source is used, as some fluorescent lights can pass off as LEDs because of how they look.


Buying a large vanity table for the home is a great addition as it makes any morning routine more efficient. But it’s also worth noting that there are portable options in the market. These portable vanity mirrors can provide faster retouches that some might need at some point in their daily schedule. It’s a good idea to check out a reliable website to know more about vanity mirror options. Not just sticking around on the homepage but actually reading specific, helpful articles within the site.