A solo traveller is aware that every journey involves a world of emotions, from excitement and freedom to fear and solitude. Going out in the world without company allows us to deeply connect to the kind of traveller we want to be, on our own footings and timeline.

Travelling solo may not be for everyone, but according to professionals, every passionate traveller should try it once. The only way to know is to give it a go. Here are some tips to follow to be a successful solo traveller.


Enjoy in setting up your own itinerary and pace. You can take as long as you need to get the perfect shot in perfect light, wander purposelessly, and savour experiences without the need to rush or get distracted.


Enhance every opportunity to learn new things. Without any distractions around, your senses will kick into overdrive, providing you to be keener and connect deeply with a destination and culture. This is also a chance for personal growth, without the expectations of others; you can be open to a greater self-discovery.


Solo and alone are two different things. Look for a hotel created to bring together of all ages and culture which includes common areas for cooking and relaxing and free to budget-friendly activities. Remember, hostels breed friendship. Aside from this, independent bookstores and coffee shops is also a good place for new connections. It is advisable to search for Facebook groups and Instagrammers in the area as well.


Being a solo within a group can provide the best of both worlds. There are numerous tour companies such as Provcatours Travel and Leisure, Interpid Travel and insight Guides helps pave the way to solo-friendly tours and removing single fees.


According to statistics, solo travellers are planning international travel to far-flung places like the Bahamas, Australia, Canada, Austria and Japan topping this year’s list. If you’re a first-timer, try to pick a destination that is especially friendly to singles and solos such as Dublin and Iceland. It is also a good idea to search travel forums to get information about solo experiences in a particular place and make sure to always consult experienced travellers.


Whatever your destination is, be aware of your surroundings. Be cautious when meeting new people but don’t go overboard as well. One of the biggest rewards of travelling is having a connection with locals and fellow travellers. Keep in mind to never sacrifice your safety just so you can save on budget. Never book out of the way lodging, especially if keeping late hours and learn a few key phrases and words in the local language. Be careful about telling people you are travelling alone and most importantly, trust yourself.